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Nikola Starčević, mag.cin.

Title: Assistant

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Department of Kinesiology of Sport
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integrated undergraduate and graduate

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

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List of select publications

1.        Starčević, N., Prosoli, R., Baić, M. (2017) Assessment on trait anxiety levels on elite junior and U23 Croatian wrestlers. U:Milanović, D., Spriš, G., Šalaj, S., Škegro, D. (ur.) Proccedings Bokk of 8th Intrernational Scientific Conference on Kinesiology. Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia, str. 563-566.

2.        Vračan, D., Baić, M., Starčević, N. (2017). Ambidexterity and performance in wrestling. Acta Kinesiologica 11 (2), 12-16

3.        Slačanac, K., Baić, M., Starčević, N. (2017). Competition efficiency analysis of Croatian junior wrestlers in European championship 2016.  Sport Mont 15(2): 43-47.

4.        Slačanac, K., Baić, M., Starčević, N. (2017). Proposal for new regulation of unofficial weight categories in the age group of schoolboys. Proceedings book of International scientific and professional conference of wrestling „Applicable research in wrestling“. U M. Baić, P. Drid, W. Starosta,  D. Curby, H. Karninčić (ur). Zagreb/Novi Sad. May 5th – 7th, 2017. Pages: 153-159.

5.        Slačanac, K., Starčević, N., Sajković, D. (2016). Fenomen redukcije tjelesne mase u hrvača mlađih dobnih skupina. U V. Findak (ur). Zbornik radova 25. ljetne škole kineziologa Republike Hrvatske, Poreč, 28. lipnja – 02. srpnja 2016. Str.: 259 – 264. Zagreb: Hrvatski kineziološki savez.

6.        Slačanac, K., Baić, M., Karninčić, H., Starčević, N., Šunjerga, R., Penjak, A. (2016). Effects of technical efficiency parameters on placing of Croatian wrestling national team members in World championship in 2013. U B. Savović, R. Mandić, S. Radenović (ur). Conference proceedings of the International scientific conference „Effects of physical activity application to anthropological status with children, youth and adults., Belgrade, December 10-11th 2016. (pages: 246-249). Belgrade: Faculty of sport and physical education.