University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Medicine of Sport and Exercise - Laboratory for Applied Physiology

LABORATORY HEADS: Full professor Branka Matković, Full professor Lana Ružić, Assoc. prof. Davor Šentija


• research in the field of applied physiology of sports and physical activity

• research related to oxidative stress and physical activity, biomarkers of muscle damage in response to fatigue, biomarkers of muscle damage during recovery in connection with the use of external compression, and the integration of biomechanical, thermodynamic, metabolic and ventilation parameters under progressive load

• research in the field of oxygen uptake kinetics, especially in different thermal conditions, and studies on the effects of different forms of physical activity on the glycemic control of diabetics

• research related to the nutrition of athletes

• research in the field of alpine skiing, as a recreational activity but also as a top sport in the field of physiology and health


• several ergometers for dosing the load of athletes

• biochemical devices for lactate and basic biochemical diagnostics

• Xplorer GLX Datalogger interface (PASCO Scientific, USA)

• peripherals and sensors for collecting, graphical display, storage and analysis of kinematic and temperature data

• VitalSense (Mini Mitter, OR) telemetry system for measuring central body temperature

• dynamometers


• Influence of external and internal risk factors on skiing injuries

• ACTN 3 / R577X, ADRB 3 and ACE polymorphisms in top team athletes

• Impact of recreational alpine skiing and staying at an altitude of 1250-2000 m on the oxygen transport system

• Field of view and reaction time of alpine skiers of recreational level depending on the ski helmet and ski goggles

• Effects of recovery in hyperoxia after high-intensity interval training in hypoxia on the oxygen transport system and aerobic capacity (collaboration with the University of Beirut)

• Project: Women in sports: examination of the applicability of the existing reference intervals for complete blood count and testosterone (HemSter study) - cooperation with KB “St. Duh ”and the University of Osijek

• Differences in the incidence of post-workout hypoglycaemia after strenght training and aerobic exercise in patients with type 1 diabetes

• Project: Impact of short-term normobaric hypoxia on stress and fatigue biomarkers (University Support)

Considering the scope of laboratory tests, cooperation has been established with the Genos Laboratory, the Ruđer Bošković Institute, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and the Polyclinic for Occupational and Sports Medicine of the City of Zagreb. Faculty in collaboration with the Institute of Anthropology and the University of Ferrari since 2013. implements a joint project on the biological and biomechanical characteristics of sprint running.