University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Notational Analysis

LABORATORY HEAD: Full professor Goran Sporiš


• research and development of objective methods for notational analysis of sports, conducting experimental scientific research and work on standardization of basic measurement procedures of notational analysis

• training students to use appropriate notation analysis in sports

• development of various systematic solutions for notational analysis in sports

• cooperation of laboratories with national federations and clubs

• training of coaches / players / analysts


• Lenovo AIO 520 computer for data and video analysis

• 2 x Sony FDR-AX100E camera for video recording and related equipment

• 2 x Manfrotto MVK500AM Fluid Drag head with MVT502AM tripod and carrying case - video stand with fluid head

• Software packages for notation analysis (Dartfish PRO)

• HDD External 5TB drive