University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Physical Activity Measurement and Surveillance Laboratory

LABORATORY HEAD: Assist. prof. Maroje Sorić

LABORATORY DESCRIPTION (research area - strategic directions):

There are two main areas of research that our laboratory deals with:

• Research and development of objective methods for measuring physical activity: 

In addition to validation studies in the laboratory and during everyday life, this topic includes the development of new software solutions for the expression of physical activity, and the application of various methods for measuring physical activity in epidemiological research and clinical intervention studies.

• Monitoring the population level of physical activity:

Within this direction of research, we are working on the development of various systematic solutions for monitoring the level of physical activity. Current priority is wearable technology, combined with gathering information about the context of physical activity. In addition, we design other population monitoring systems.


• 20 SenseWear Core physical activity monitors

• 30 Fitbit ChargeHR devices for monitoring physical activity

• 20 Fitbit Charge 3 physical activity monitoring devices

• 7 Fitbit Charge 2 physical activity monitoring devices

• 6 Garmin Vivom physical activity monitors

• 6 Garmin Vivosmart 3 physical activity monitors

• 1 Xiaomi mi band 1 physical activity monitor

• 1 Xiaomi mi band 2 physical activity monitor


• 2016-2020 Croatian Longitudinal Study of Physical Activity in Adolescence (CRO-PALS) - HRZZ

• 2018-2022 Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy (STOP) - Obzor2020

• 2020-2022 The European Network for the Support of Development of Systems for Monitoring Physical Fitness of Children and Adolescents (FitBack) - Erasmus +: SCP - Collaborative Partnerships

• 2018, 2019: Career development of young researchers – HRZZ

List of dissertations, diploma theses, works for the Rector's Award and other works derived from the work of the laboratory:

• Soric M, Mikulic P, Misigoj-Durakovic M, Ruzic L, Markovic G. Validation of the Sensewear Armband during recreational in-line skating. European Journal of Applied Physiology 2012; 112 (3): 1183-8.

• Soric M, Turkalj M, Plavec D, Kucic D, Marusic I, Misigoj-Durakovic M. Validation of a multi-sensor activity monitor for assessing sleep in children and adolescents. Sleep Medicine 2013; 14 (2): 201-205.

• Soric M, Misigoj-Durakovic M. Physical activity levels and estimated energy expenditure in overweight and normal-weight 11-year-old children. Acta Paediatrica 2010; 99 (2): 244-250.

• Štefan, L., Sorić, M., Devrnja, A., Petrić, V., & Mišigoj-Duraković, M. One-year changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior among adolescents: the Croatian Physical Activity in Adolescence Longitudinal Study ( CRO-PALS). International journal of adolescent medicine and health 2018 [Epub ahead of print]