University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Medicine of Sport and Exercise - Laboratory for Kinanthropometry

LABORATORY HEAD: Full professor Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković


• studying the relationship between physical activity and health with an emphasis on nutritional status and indicators of cardiovascular and metabolic health

• research of different body composition methods with emphasis on their accuracy and precision in the athlete population

• scientific validation of new devices for digital anthropometry in the framework of the development of innovative computer systems for digital measurement of the human body using 3D scanning methods

• determining the variability of body composition in athletes and its changes under the influence of different forms and volumes of training and field measurements


• several devices for determining body composition including a set of anthropometric instruments

• air plethysmography device (BOD-POD™)

• device for estimating the amount of visceral adipose tissue using bioelectric impedance (Tanita AB140 ™)

• devices for 24-h measurement of arterial blood pressure and single-channel 24h holter ECG

• Microsoft Kinect 3D sensor for digital measurement of the human body


• 2016: Development of a computer system for digital measurement of the human body / Citus d.o. and Faculty of Kinesiology) - IRCRO

• 2016-2020: Croatian longitudinal study of physical activity in adolescence (CRO-PALS) - HRZZ

• 2018-2022: Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy (STOP) - Obzor2020

In the future, the work of the laboratory will be focused on studying the impact of various exercise programs on health, and chronic cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as on weight control and the development and treatment of obesity. In addition, the focus of interest will be the evaluation of the effects of intervention programs to increase the level of physical activity and their role in the primary and secondary prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases.